Sound & Vibrate



With the Sound & Vibrate App you can play sounds and vibrations that are contained in the iOS and view information about them.

This will be useful when developing your own applications that use sounds and vibrations.

Key Features

  • Full List of Sounds & Vibrations.
  • Detail Page.
Sample of Code.
Info Page.
  • Look Origin Data.
  • Download Edited Data.

Some Notes

How it works

Sounds & Vibrations Tab

On the Sounds & Vibrations tab, you can view and play all the sounds and vibrations that are currently included in the iOS.


The sounds & vibrations are arranged in the order of Sound ID numbers. The list can be sorted by two parameters – Sound ID number and Category in ascending and descending order.


As another option, you can use the search function. The search is carried out on all properties of sounds and vibrations with the exception of file names.

Detail Page

You can also go to the Sound Detail page to view the additional information about a particular sound and / or vibration.

Original Data

When creating this application, it was used the original data published at

I have kept all the fields of the original data table. The name of the original field Notes was only changed to the Compatible With And Later, since in this field only information about the version of the operating system was initially indicated. In addition, I filled in the blank cells in this field with an indication of version 1 of the operating system, since most likely the corresponding sounds have been present in the operating system from the very first release.

I also added a few new fields to the data table.

New Data

Sound & Vibration Field

This is a field that indicates whether this element is sound only, vibration only, or both sound and vibration.

When I decided to create my own shopping app that would use sound and vibration, it was very helpful for me to go through the list of sounds and vibrations to see which elements contain both sound and vibration at the same time, and which separately. Therefore, I decided that it would be interesting for other programmers as well.

Now, using the Search function, you can find the items Sound Only, Vibration Only, and Sound + Vibration.

The Same Field

While working with the library of sounds and vibrations, I found that many of them are the same. Therefore, a field with The Same name was added to the data table.

Now on the Detail page, in The Same field, you can see which sounds and vibrations are completely the same, which are partially, and which are unique.

Series Field

Finally, another field called Series was added to the data table. It is somewhat similar to the values in the Category field, but in the Series field, sounds are indicated in not such a technical language. This helps to find the needed sounds and vibrations.

Some names are rather arbitrary here, so please do not judge strictly. I just wanted to make this app usable enough to find the right sound and vibration for future mobile applications.

Sample of Code Tab

This page provides an example of code that can be used to play certain sounds and vibrations. Here it is enough to indicate the Sound ID of the desired sound and vibration.

Info Page Tab

On this page, you may be interested in a link to the original data, as well as a link to a page where you can download the data I edited.

Privacy Policy

Sound & Vibrate App does not collect or store any information about users.

Link to the Original Data

Let me remind that the original sounds and vibrations are stored in /System/Library/Audio/UISounds/.

Download Edited Data

By clicking on the link below you can download the edited and supplemented by me data on sounds and vibrations in the iOS. This file is created in Numbers format.

File size is 267 Kb. Numbers version is 10.2.